Mightiest Governor

Mightiest governor event is easily the most popular and headache-inducing event in the game. 

In order to make this event sustainable and fair for everyone, the council has come up with some parameters that have made the MG experience much more enjoyable and fruitful for all players. 

Kill Cap of 5 Mil Points

Because of the way KvK is determined, inflated kills have become a huge concern. 
Players with millions of kills due to Mightiest Governor do more harm than good when it comes to match-making. In order to make everything more balanced and weed out the warriors from farm killers, we have implemented a 5 Mil Kill cap on kill event (Outside of KvK season).   


Only Duels & Arranged Fights

No city hits & no farmers. We want to give as many opportunities for growth as possible and make sure everyone has plenty of resources for each KvK season. By promoting only arranged fights, players will get to experience real time combat by commander testing with their peers as well as provide a chance to the kingdom to farm and prepare for KvK. 

No Feeding Allowed

To us, feeding is considered a terrible way of earning points for kill event.
Not only are players not learning any tactics by hitting their own farms or low powered players, they are also earning non-legitimate kills for their stats. Winning Mightiest Governor because of feeding in kill event does not guarantee that the player will show up on the field at the time of war either.
Punishment for feeding could result in zeroing offenders.    

MG Pre-Sets

We are a KvK-driven kingdom and thus we want to make sure the kingdom fighters are equipped with the best resources as possible, this includes commanders. If a certain commander is needed for KvK, a Pre-Set MG might come into play at a certain time.
- All players (f2p/p2p) are available to be considered for the Top Spots. Whales do not get top spots just because of their power, they will not qualify if they are farmers or have no combat knowledge. 

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