Welcome to the
Kingdom of Mandabe!

Join a vibrant community of experienced fighters that enjoy chatting about commander pairings and war strategies while having fights in chat about pineapple pizza! (which side are you on!?)

 Our kingdom is looking for new members to join our family:

Groups and Individuals welcome!


Who are we?

We are one fighting alliance working to create a unified kvk-focused kingdom. 

We have grown tired of farming alliances and leaders that lose no troops during wars but want all the rewards. In this kingdom, whales do not hold all the power. Whales that go all out on MG but never participate in KvK or are afraid of losing troops during war are not welcome.

This is a war game and KvK is our Christmas
We enjoy structure and we are very passionate about the diplomatic and strategic elements of war.

We are always active, organized and look for like-minded gamers.
We are currently r
ecruiting leaders and fighters with interest in building a winning
KvK kingdom and that are looking to have a good time in the process.

Change doesn't happen without ruffling a few feathers! We might not be the perfect
kingdom but we try to have fun no matter what.

Bring the beer and the pizza, join us on casual voice calls on discord
and lets burn our troops next KvK



Why us?

Worldwide Players

We welcome all players of all nationalities and cultures to
be part of our growing family! 

Daily Kingdom Buffs

King promotes kingdom growth by providing kingdom buffs daily with title giving assistance!
Have a chance to influence the kind of buff by voting on discord! 

Cross-Alliance Osiris

In order to facilitate Osiris participation for as many people as possible, we share Osiris schedules with everyone in the kingdom, this way everyone has multiple options of schedule and teams.


Although our primary kingdom language is English, we have members that speak Spanish, Dutch, German,
and much more! 

Free Farming

With exception of gold, all players in Mandabe enjoy kingdom-wide free farming with access to Zone 3 resource nodes. 

No Cheating

Absolutely no bots, no illegal purchase of resources and no feeding during Mightiest Governor Kill event. 

KvK Driven Kingdom

As KvK is the most important event in the game, all present and future kingdom rules are always decided with
KvK in mind. 

No City Burning

In order to promote growth in a peaceful kingdom, no city burning is allowed without permission from all kingdom leaders. 

Kingdom Discord

By joining our kingdom discord you get to vote on daily buffs, have access to many resources, from farming tips to kingdom updates and Rise of Kingdom news. 



We are recruiting new team leaders and fighters with interest in
building a 
KvK-Focused kingdom from scratch, and that are looking
to have a good time in the process


No matter the alliance, you will enjoy a Maxed Tech Alliance with
Maxed Holy Sites and plenty of fun people to hang out with. 

Interested in leadership roles?
R4 Positions available



Even though our alliances might have a "Min power" requirement, what really matters to us is the amount of DEAD TROOPS you have. 

You might have 80 million power, but if you have less dead troops than our free to play players you might not be welcome here.



[BuRN] The Nasty Fellowship

We are born to Burn! Main fighting alliance of 1327.

Min. Power: 30 mil.
Min. Kills: 10 Mil. 
Min. Deaths: 1 Mil.  


[KoH/] The Knights
of Hope

We are Knights of Hope!

Min. Power: 15 Mil.

Min. Kills: 3 Mil.
Deaths: 500k.  


[BLoW] The Knights

of Nudes

Join the party! Second fighting alliance of 1327. 

Min. Power: 30 mil.

Min. Kills: 7 Mil. 
Min. Deaths: 1 Mil.  

Resource Assistance

Migration isn't cheap!

We will provide resource assistance to those players that have lost countless resources due to the migration process.

Give us a try!

If you don't have all passports or want to simply make sure we are the right choice for you, feel free to temporarily
join with a farm! 

Make sure you know how much it will cost to migrate your account. 

Get in touch

We are excited to get to know you
and answer any questions you might have!


Get in touch with us by joining our Migration Discord! 
This will put you in direct contact with our migration officers and kingdom leaders.



Looking forward to hearing from you! <3 
k1327 Leadership